Sunday, 13 February 2011

March 2011 Ban List [Rumour]

Click for larger image

A possible leak, the pictures look real but it's hard to know at this early a stage.

The list translates to:


pot of duality
gateway of the six
magician of faith
debris dragon

solemn warning
royal tribute
fishborg blaster
solemn judgment
destiny draw
icarus attack
xx-saber faultroll
formula synchron
swap frog
pot of avarice

mystical space typhoon
royal oppression
magic cylinder


Lauren said...

Thats the same guy who leaked last year's March banlist. But DP11 on the left should prove its fake.

tabzy said...

the dp11 doesn't prove its fake at all

Anonymous said...

If its real, I am going to LOL so hard. And quit YGO the next day. Solemn Warning and Judgement at 2, honest at 3 and royal oppression at 3. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It's not the real list. Also, Rikiya didn't make this "leak", someone just pasted the name on the pic.

Anonymous said...

LOL oppression at 3, that's not gonna be...

Anonymous said...

given the OCG play this passing format and the recent rise of GK in the TCG, the "fake"-list looks pretty balanced and quite "real". Konami tries to avoid banning and this list would just keep Samus and GK on top level with the desired chnage which cuts back the one-turn overextending Samus can play with 3 gateways and 3 six united. Looks too real to be true ....

僚太 said...
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Anonymous said...

This was confirmed to be fake, mostly because the Japanese was found by some Japanese-English speaking users on other sites to be a grammatical nightmare.

Also, anyone could photoshop the word "Rikiya" on an image -_-

Sorry guys, need to keep looking :/

Anonymous said...

its fake. see the yugioh site.

Anonymous said...

if you speak spanish take a look at this forum